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What a woman! Noelle Pikus-Pace

The commercials have worked and I’m now a fan of Noelle Pikus-Pace. It’s amazing what marketing does. Although, she deserves it. You HAVE to watch this interview with her from last night on NBC.


I think America is connecting with her because she is a mom, one of only  3 other US Olympic athletes. When she won the silver, she was screaming “We did it!” And jumped into the stands to enjoy the moment with her family. Pure emotion, pure Olympic moment. She has definitely made known that her family comes first. Probably why she stands out from the crowd. Among other family members, her 2 kids were there to see her win yesterday. What a cool moment to witness for them. Those kids eat and breathe the sport just like their mom…

“They’ve been all over the world as a quartet for her competitions. She’s not the only Olympic parent, but she is the only one who travels to every competition and training with her entire family.

Parenthood among Olympic athletes is not common, either. In fact, of the 230 athletes who will represent Team USA in Sochi, just 22 have children. Of those, only three are mothers.” From Deseret News 

She is a Mormon too! In her immediate post-performance interview, she said “To the youth out there, remember who you are and what you stand for.” Can’t get more YW leader than that. I loved it! Go USA!! I’ll watch for a Church News article that is sure to come and post it here. You can follow Noellepikuspace on Twitter.



Move Over…

Move over Mckayla Maroney…We have a new “Not Impressed” Olympian…

Ashley-Wagner-Meme-thumbThis is Ashley Wagner, US Ladies Figure Skater. This was her face when she saw her score from her great performance in the team competition. Haha! I love this one super-imposed over the Opening Ceremonies glitch.  Not Impressed!

BUT, I was totally impressed with this lil girl, Yulia Lipinskaya

yulia-lipnitskaya-2_si yulia

I LOVED her costume! I can’t wait to see her skate again soon!

Check out this funny site with more satirical Olympic stories.

So, where is Sochi?


And now you know! Known as the Russian Riviera, Sochi is a resort town located on the Black Sea-interesting choice for the Winter Olympics.  You can enjoy a sunny day by the lake and then hit the slopes in the high Coucosus mountains towering over you.  I guess they have been making snow for the venues for months and storing it all under tarps up in the mountains.Pitt and I are always having the debate of mountains vs. beach…maybe Sochi is the place for us.

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day -1

Did you know that Sochi is having the first ever Team figure skating competition? That’s right, Team. The last thing I usually think about is skaters being on a team together. They are such fierce competitors.  I’m really excited to see the skaters cheering each other on. The men’s short program starts us off.  Go Jeremy Abbott!



Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014


I have always been a big fan of the Olympics. Really, who doesn’t like cheering for Team USA?

2 days until the Games open in Sochi, Russia and I’m getting revved up for some fun.

Some cool things I’ve discovered:

nbcolympics.com-the hub, enough said. I’m making this  my homepage for the next 3 weeks. They have funny 80’s yearbook photos of all the athletes, schedules, profiles of our team and interesting news pieces.

Google “Sochi 2014” and check out the images that come up! You will see the venues, medals, logos, characters and links to sites talking about the Olympics.

Also, follow these Instagram users:


Jeremy Abbott-American figure skater. He’s been posting since his arrival in Sochi. I think it’s cool to get an athlete’s perspective.



18 year old American figure skater. She hasn’t posted for a while, but I’m still hoping. These girls always shine in the Olympics. (Remember Tara Lipinski. I was never a big fan, but I will never forget her huge smile)




Mr. Popular of extreme sports. Of note, slopestyle snowboarding and skiing will premier at these Olympics! Of course, Shaun is favored to get the gold!


This one already has 154,000 posts. Tourists, volunteers, athletes, and media will be sharing here.

My passion for the Olympics was fueled by:


“Light the fire within”

Salt Lake City 2002. I was an event staff volunteer at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and for alpine skiing events at Snowbasin. And of course, Michelle Kwan. Here is her short program from SLC 2002. Heartbreaking bronze finish behind Irina Slutskaya and Sarah Hughes (ugh!)