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Fall Family Fotos


Big Boy Now!


Emmett is potty trained!!!! August 9th we took the big leap. I threw away the diapers and cleaned out a spot in the dresser for the special underwear we picked out; Cars, Pixar, and Handy Manny. We woke up and had breakfast and then I pulled out all the stops. I told Emmett we were having a Potty Party with all his (stuffed) friends and who did he want to show how to use the potty? He chose his life size Winnie the Pooh. So we put Pooh Bear in underwear-he’s a 34″ waist just like some other guy I know. Emmett laughed and laughed. We taught Pooh the steps and took his through the motions together. More laughs! I even had a syringe to secretly squirt water in the potty chair so it looked like he had peed. Emmett was very impressed and gave Pooh big hugs. I offered Pooh a treat and then turned to Emmett and told him he could have the treat if he decided to wear big boy underwear too. In a snap he was in his room, carefully choosing out which pair he would wear. There is nothing cuter than seeing your lil guy wear underwear for the first time. Such a proud parent moment, right?! We proceeded through the potty training, drinking lots of hot chocolate, capri sun and milk and snacking on Cheese Ritz Bits. He actually got it down pretty fast. He did wet his pants a lot. But after two hours he was showing me how to pee on the grass like his dad. His reward for going to the bathroom in the toilet was Swedish Fish, Hershey Kisses and Tootsie Rolls, which he calls “fishies” “kissies” and “turtsie rows.” He was doing great! By 12:30, he was exhausted. If you know Emmett, you know that he does not like to sleep. Well, I left him alone in the front room for about 5 minutes and when I came back, he was asleep on the floor! I tucked some towels under him and let him rest. He was wet when he woke up and had completely lost his motivation to use the potty, accident after accident. I was frustrated and tired and so glad when Pitt came home from work. That actually was the best thing for Emmett. He was very excited to show dad his new skill and his motivation returned. He honestly has not had a wet accident since (except when we went camping and he couldn’t get his jeans down). The first week he wet the bed whenever he slept, but he’s had dry nights for a week now. Our challenge is going #2. We are still trying to figure that one out-yuk.

Potty training was a good experience for us. I’m glad I educated myself and felt prepared for it. It’s as much of a step for the parents as it is for the kid. My cousin’s wife Errin recommended the book, Potty Training in Less Than a Day-which probably everyone has heard of except me. That technique worked for us! Another memory from the experience:  The first time he spontaneously has said I love you was that day. He was sitting on my lap, looked up at me and said I love you mom. What a sweetie! Great Job Emmo!!