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Thoughts in the Wind

Late last August Becky and I spent the night in a tent at 11,700 feet. We left the trailhead at 1pm when it was 75 degrees and gorgeous. When we arrived at out campsite, there was a standard alpine breeze and it was refreshing after our 4,500 vertical foot climb. I was tired but invigorated by the view of our objective for the next day. I thought it might be hard to sleep because i was so excited. But I figured I was tired enough that it would not take me long to fall asleep.

Bek saddle

Shortly before sunset, the wind picked up. It was as if all of a sudden it discovered that it was driving well below the speed limit so it stepped on the gas to over compensate for how slow it had been going earlier. It quickly became a steady  30 mph wind with gusts  up to 65mph. With each shake of the tent, I could feel my chances of sleep quickly blow off the side of the mountain and into the sky.

So there I laid at 8:30pm. trying to figure out how to fall asleep. I thought I would share the thoughts that ran through my head for the next 8 hours before my 4:34am alarm went off.
8:36pm – I bet I will be asleep by 9.
8:38pm – Do I have to pee? I just peed. No way I have to pee. Stop thinking about peeing. The more I think about it, the more I will have to pee. I don’t want to go pee in the wind again.
8:45pm – I can’t believe Becky is already asleep. I want to talk to someone. Should I wake her up? She would be so mad at me.
9:00pm – I wonder how many people camping around me are actually sleeping. It is so windy! I wonder how much wind it takes to blow away a tent with 2 humans in it?
9:45pm – I just heard Eliza giggle. I wonder if I can go sit it their tent and chat. I am bored.
10:08pm – Yeah I have to pee. Dammit. I am going to hold it until morning. I can hold it for 6 more hours right?
10:17pm – These earplugs are not doing anything. Who makes these things anyway? I know I just got a box of 20 for $3 but my fingers do a way better job at this.
10:32pm – Is the wind stopping? Nope. Not at all. Pretty sure this tent is going to rip in half!
10:46pm – Yep I have to pee. And If I hold it, I will never get to sleep. But I don’t want to pee in this wind again. It just vaporizes as soon as it hits the air. I feel like the risk of a mess is to high.
11:01pm – Fine I’ll go pee! Just stop thinking about pee!
11:03pm – (Now outside my tent in my underwear in the wind) Ahhh! it is so windy!
11:18pm – Maybe these earplugs are keeping me awake. I am going to take them out
11:21pm – (Now without earplugs) What is happening?!! I feel like I am going deaf! It is so loud!
12:03am- My mother in law would disapprove of this whole situation
12:37am- Is Becky faking sleep? No way she is really asleep.
1:05am – Did I just fall asleep? Nope. Guess not.
1:40am – “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too, I’d wanna be me too” THIS SONG
3:11am- You think Becky has slept enough that she wouldn’t be mad if I woke her up to make out? I am super bored!
3:43am – DAMN YOU PEE! I am not getting out of the tent again!
4:34am – Snoring.
I finally ripped myself out of the tent around 5:30 and enjoyed one of the windiest, but most incredible sunrises of my life. With hesitation we finally started climbing. And on about 1 hour of sleep, we summited, descended, and I drove the back to Utah. Finally getting to sleep around midnight the next night. Now that I am sitting here in my quiet bedroom,  I have to say that it was probably my favorite night of the summer.
summit GT

Summit Selfie