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My plunge into the cycling world


The Team-Libby’s in the middle. I would ride 100 miles for these girls.

So there I was, sitting with my group of girlfriends enjoying eggs benedict for brunch on the weekend. Libby looked at me and said, “you have to join my team.” I really like Libby. She could have told me to join her team to wrestle rabid wild boars and I would have said, yes! sign me up. “Little Red” she said, “We’re all doing it” she motioned to the rest of that gals at the table, all nodding their heads at me. “It’s the best” “So easy” “They have men driving the route begging to change your flat tire” “Diet Coke on tap” “Peanut butter sandwiched with Oreos at the rest stops” “no hills” My head was spinning…and I get to hang out with you girls too?! Sweet, I’m in! I thought I might be saved by not winning the lottery to get in, but Libby assured me that she’s really lucky and ALWAYS gets in. We did and now I’m committed.

Slow ha ha. why didn’t I think about the fact that I have never ridden a bike longer that 20 minutes my entire adult life. or the fact that I don’t even own a bike helmet. No, I didn’t stop and think I may not have time to train for a 100 mile bike race . Nope, I’m on LIbby’s team, The team, and I’m still very excited about the thought of doing a bike ride with my friends.

I’ve always been good at things I’ve tried. Roller skating, stilts…what have you… Road biking, sure, I can do that. Let’s try. Slower ha ha. This is kinda hard. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Sometime in 2006 I went to a spinning class. After 60 minutes of the hardest workout my heart has ever managed. I fainted into the instructor’s arms while asking her some questions after class. Mortified after I woke up on the floor with her looking over me, I reassured her that, no, she didn’t have to call my mom to drive me home. I have not stepped into a spin class since. Well, until now. I’m killing it in the spin class. I totally pretend to crank up that resistance and pretend I know WTH she’s talking about when she asks “how my base building is going?” But, hey I get there, I sweat and I smile and I sing to the music only going “breathless” when she instructs us to. Five classes in and I’m an expert.

So I’m borrowing a road bike from my super cool sister-in-law. I’ve got the clips, the shoes, the gloves, and yes the helmet. I hop on the bike to ride to work. First time on a road bike EVER. First turn on a road bike EVER. *WHABAMM* I hit the pavement. Turned too sharp, too fast, not concentrating, gravel, I don’t know what happened except that the yard worker at the post office saw everything. But, I’m fine. A little road rash makes me feel young again and I saved my chin from stitches with my thumb that feels broken most days now. But I rode away unscathed. The adrenaline actually helped me up that darn hill to Huntsman. And I’ve successfully ridden to work 3 times since then without falling, so I’m getting my confidence back.

I live on Sunnyside Ave-one of the most popular biking routes in the city-my training ground. So far I’ve made it 30 minutes up. I am still learning how to ride and the downhill makes me so nervous I’m hear myself Lamaze breathing while I go. But hey, I’m on Libby’s Team and I’m super excited about that! I’ll keep you updated.


How do I look? (Pre road bike)


Where were you 10 years ago? #tbt

I’ve been reflecting lately on the events from March 2004, a memorable and life-changing time for me.  I was living in Orlando, working at Epcot, making $6 an hour and having the time of my life.  I had a quick break in nursing school between my RN  years and starting my last year to get my baccalaureate.  Naturally, I took an internship with Disney World…makes no sense, right, but I loved it. I finally had one semester to enjoy college, instead of being at clinicals 26 hours a week, studying pharmacology and writing nursing care plans. Nursing school was a whirlwind for sure. I don’t remember a lot, including my professor’s names (weird?) but I have a lot of flash memories, consoling a patient’s mother after a scary diagnosis, learning to monitor a newly implanted pacemaker with external wires, helping 3 women give birth on my own 20th birthday, drinking a lot of Instant Breakfast and Go-Gurt in the car, showing up in the classroom in Ogden not really knowing how I got there. I was so tired and it was really hard. It was 10 years ago that I took my nursing exam while I was in Florida.  A friend drove me to the testing center and I passed on my first try. I’ve been a nurse for 10 years!


Do you like my Mission: Space uniform?

Flash forward 10 years to the present.  I was lucky enough to be at Disney again, sharing the magic with all the Grewes, sharing all my insider knowledge and navigating the park like a pro!

Then I spent last night nursing Emmett, my most important patient back to health during his current cough and fever.



If you want more, here’s more…

I was meant to be a nurse. It has been the perfect job for me. I spent 2 years working at a nursing home. Those are cherished memories and it was a special place. In fact last Halloween we took the kids trick-or-treating there and I saw two residents I cared for. I was able to tell them Hi and got emotional in the process. I learned a lot about compassion and hard work during that time.I did a 6 month stint in Post-partum care, this was a lot of fun.  I now laugh at my 21-year-old, confident self teaching first-time moms how to breastfeed and care for their infant. Did they even listen to me? If they did, I don’t know why. I’m sure I knew nothing. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot about myself as a new nurse. I spent another 2 years at The  Cache Valley Specialty Hospital. This is where my first full-time, insured job was. Three nights a week, 6 pm to 7 am. Some nights we had only one patient, some night was had a full house.  Being in my hometown, I had the opportunity to care for loved ones, neighbors and friends. Then I made the wonderful move to Huntsman Cancer Hospital. I’ve been at that great place for the last 7 years. I spent 4 years on the surgical floor. Wow! This was an eye opener. I can’t even explain all the crazy surgeries and patients I’ve had in that time. It is still the craziest, busiest job I’ve ever had and can’t believe some of the miracles and tragedies I’ve seen. If you want to work hard for your money, work there. It is unbelievable. Since I had kids, nursing has still treated me well. I have bounced around the hospital for a time, trying to find a schedule that worked for my family, and finally feel at home. For the last 18 months I’ve been working in the Acute Care Clinic-an instacare of sorts serving the Huntsman population. I love my job and the people I work with and care for.


This is the only pic I can find from work (at least from the digital age.) I think this was Thanksgiving Day 2008. Best crew ever! Ryan, Me, Kim, Bryn, Mary, and Emily-and Mollie’s finger.

Also, 10 years ago I fell in love with my Pitt-the most important and best thing that ever happened to me.


Marco Island 2004

Here’s my follow-up to Pitt’s post. Thanks Dads for being our help line!keepAvailable on Etsy:simplygiftsonline