April 2015

Pitt and Becky Grewe

After reading the description about us below I am laughing. Just 8 years and how your life changes so much. We are now a family of four. We live in Salt Lake City. I work in the outdoor industry and Becky is still one of the best nurses in the world. Our travels and adventures have made a shift to focus on exploring when and where we can between kids, work and family. We manage to get out more than the average family and that give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. My goal is to always make you think. If only for a moment you can look at a topic with a fresh view, I am happy with that. Enjoy.


(ABOUT page from October 2011) This blog is all about me, or should I say we…”We” are Becky, Pitt and mostly Emmett our lil 2-year old son. Our life revolves around his and anytime it doesn’t, I usually post about it e.g. a vacation overseas, rock climbing, ski adventures, surf trips abroad-you get the picture. Our joy and struggle is now bringing our little guy along with us. I’ll post about that too. But mostly I will keep you updated about our everyday life; breakfast, gym, playtime, lunch, nap, blogging, dinner, more play, bedtime (and other variations on the theme). Enjoy and be happy!

(The following ABOUT page was written {by Pitt} when we started this blog in May 2007. We were about to embark on a great adventure, moving to Hawaii to work and play and wanted all our friends and family to hear updates from us)

Pitt And Becky Kyoto Japan

Pitt and Becky reside in the beautiful valley of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  They have been friends for over a decade and made the frienship official for the rest of eternity  in May of 2005.  They are driven buy their passion to enjoy one anothers companionship  during all the new and exciting experiences life has to offer.  Becky is one of the top registered nurses in the state of Utah, receiving her BSN from Weber State,  she is sought after by the top medical care providers in the area.   Pitt received a B.A. in International Studies and is currently pondering ways in which he can save the world from prejudice, racism and all other maltreatment of humans by other humans. While Pitt comes up with a plan and the resources to carry out the master plan, He works in the Ski Industry. Bek enjoys indulging herself with the latests fashions. She sharpens her mind through the continual consumption of novels and scripture. When it is time to express her artistic abilities, she chooses to creatively design pages of thoughts and memories representing the passionate life that she leads. She dedicates many tireless hours to the shaping and strengthening of her near perfect physique.Pitt is motivated by a priceless substance. He searches for, ponders about and creates circumstances that will allow him to obtain this substance. The chemical that drives Pitt is Adrenaline. The activities that Pitt participates in include, Skiing, Kayaking , Surfing and Climbing. Though he is not limited to these exciting sports,  He often finds that employment, lack of funding and the necessity of hours containing daylight can cause it to rain on his parade and hinder his advancement towards other activities. With loving encouragement from his soulmate and the imagination of a hopeless romantic, Pitt strives for an adventure in every aspect of his life.  He also enjoys discussing the political theology and practices of nation states  and debating the situations of the underprivileged, and the exploited and their role in the hegemonic state that certain countries have created throughout the world.This Blog was designed to help Pitt and Becky share the adventure of life with their loved ones and anyone else who wishes to participate.  We encourage feedback, suggestions and most importantly the interaction with people of the world. Whether you live down the street or you have never heard of the names Pitt or Becky, we appreciate that you have taken a few moments to share this time with us. Safe travels, wherever they may be,  Later Skater,Pitt and Becky


4 responses to “About

  • Scatman

    Well if it isn’t the world class travelers and their “special” blog “The Adventures of Peanut & Butter”. Let me tell you, I am excited. I get to sit here in the blistering heat of Utah county, a subtle 96 degrees outside, just warm enough to form a nice, succulent layer of moisture on ones upper lip. It’s times like this that I am so happy I’m not wasting my summer away in a horrid place like Hawaii. That place is definitely in my top 10 worst places on earth, next to Island Park and the Jungfrau. I can’t imagine what you two sandwich ingredients must be going through dealing with the up tight natives and cold, rocky beaches. How boring your lives must be without a 17 month old angel that cleans and cooks and walks the dog. So in case you are wondering, I’m not the least bit jealous of your difficult situation there. All I can say is, you live and you learn. Hope you’re surviving.

  • The May Family

    Hey You Two,

    Glad to hear you made it back home in one piece:) So how long do you have to stay home before you can come to Disneyland? Love, Lisa

  • Pitt'n'Bek

    Lisa May! Hi there! I was actually looking at pictures today of Cousin Weekend 2006. Parker has grown up a lot! I think we’ll have to stick around here for a while and work hard. Then after the winter, we’ll come to So. Cal. love ya!

  • Mark

    Long time no see! I am not a frequent blogger, but I have definitely found some entertainment learning what you have been up to in the last couple years. My wife keeps up on a blog- we should keep in touch. Pitt- good luck on your world wide endeavors! I manage an international company– maybe we should team up sometime…
    Peace- Mark C

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