Itsy Bitsy Teeny Biggie

In America there is a fascination with things being big. My friend Tim visited from Australia this spring. He was told that everything in the USA was bigger. He confirmed to me it was true. We just love our stuff big. This is fine in a lot of cases. I am obsessed with quite a few big things. I love big mountains, big waves, big dumps (think snowstorm), big fish, and big burritos and corn dogs.  There is nothing wrong with finding something you love and wanting more of it. So why is it with our focus on large things, do we let the little things really control our lives and push us around. We are bigger than that, right?


My Nephew not feeling big after falling in the river. 

I run experiments on my kids all the time to test the effects of the little things. They are harmless, mostly pointless, but very entertaining.  I will make dinner and slide in ingredients that have some nutritional value. Something my kids are very much opposed to. You know basically anything that is green, grown in the earth, or not spent the last 18 months in a box. My goal is to hide these ingredients in things I know they can’t resist like cheese, cream in any form or fry sauce. But no matter how good I am and how much camouflage I use, my kids will always find the smallest  green spot, point at it, yell, and make an outrageous claim that I am trying to kill them.  The littlest thing can ruin a completely fine meal meant to nourish them and make them happy. What they don’t ever seem to understand is that I am only trying to help them a little. And if they would just look away for a second, they would not even notice and could carry on with their happy life of making fart noises at the dinner table.

I start to wonder how we get this way as humans. We develop pickiness and let little things start an avalanche of drama.  I am just as bad as my kids. Food does not get under my skin. I will eat anything that is not going to give me a parasite. But my wife can attest that I have plenty of quirks that most people would look at as so trivial. My guess is that we just lose trust in the universe and begin to think that everyone has a hidden motive to try and beat us down or screw us over. Where in reality it is all in our mind and we love to turn little things into big things. Bigger than they really are or should be.

As we continue down a head spinning political arena over the next few months, the picky little things continue to pop up and grow into big things for about 48 hrs. But in the large scheme of things, they are no more than green spec in a large delicious feast that can potentially give you a full belly and smile on you face.


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