Keep the momentum going

People adventure differently and that is okay. For some, adventure means pain and suffering. For others, adventure means just doing something out of the routine. Sometimes it means doing something minimal, and other times it requires the logistics of a large UPS hub. Which is correct? Who am I to judge.  What I do know is that the most important part is being prepared to jump on it when an opportunity presents itself.

This past weekend I travelled to Vail Colorado for work. I packed a huge duffel bag full of random gear so that I could seek out an adventure and take any opportunity that came my way. But nothing really came to fruition. I got a trail run in one morning, some rock climbing the next day and about 20 minutes of kayaking.  Nothing super exciting but enough to feel like the trip was not a full waste of recreational activities.   But nothing that I would really consider a great adventure. More like training for what is to come. As my summer begins to unfold, I have been stressing about being able to accomplish all that I want to. Sometime plans fall through, illness sets in or someone I love needs me more than I need an adventure. That is when I have to step back and just be grateful that I have all the opportunities I have and the great web of friends and family that encourage me.

On that note. I wanted to share a great video. MEC is a huge retailer in Canada and have always been great to work with in my past jobs. It is great to see a large corporation really produce fantastic content that makes you laugh. Who wins, I am not to judge. In my eyes MEC wins with this great commercial.





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