I’ve Got Ideas Man!

Almost every one of my friends has a special creative talent. I seem to like surrounding myself with artist, photographers, musicians, designers and others. I think this is because of my complete lack of artistic ability.  My drawings looks like a giraffe got a pencil stuck in it’s hoof and tried to ballet dance on paper. I have tried my hand at music since I was 10. Let’s just say I am yet to write a song about anything other then my favorite snack foods.  My five  year old puts me to shame with our Lego creations. He comes up with a solar powered, rocket fuel, camping van with a special mac and cheese oven, while I build a square 3-story hotel. My point is that my creative outlet is not easily displayed for others to see. I have to get creative about showing how I am creative. Luckily I am not easily discouraged. I recently read a great quote.

“I have always recognized myself as being a person of modest abilities. My achievements have resulted from a goodly share of imagination and plenty of energy.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

5 years ago I reached out to my best childhood pals. I told them that we need to have an annual “Manventure”. The only requirement for the excursion is that we are together and we do something that will remind us of life as teenagers when we all had imagination and plenty of energy.  It has not happened every year since but it has caused us to always stay connected and pass ideas back and forth. I love the process. An email, a text message, just a few words gets ideas flowing and minds racing. It engulfs me. I start researching, looking at maps, dreaming and imagining.

This is my creative outlet. This is how I can let my mind run wild. Whether it is finding a river that would allow us to re-enact Huck Finn and float all weekend on a home made raft in knickers and  a straw hat. Or planning a adventure based off a text that only said,  “4 dudes, 2 vespas, 3 national parks, Go!”  Finding ways to fit adventure in my life and doing something new is my creative release. As I have mentioned before, this is one of the greatest aspects of adventure.  You feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you complete something you have created, even if it is small.  But when you do something completely new and different, the unknowns increase the potential for needing to improvise. That is when the real adventure begins.

Remember, if you are like me, you do not really need to be an expert at anything in particular. I am not an elite athlete or a trustafarian with unlimited time a resources to get things done. But I do have plenty of imagination and energy. And with that, I have all the resources I need to have an adventure and come home tired, soar and smiling.

– Pitt

One of my many "ideas" that did not end the way I planned.

One of my many “ideas” that did not end the way I planned.


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