Army Birthday Party


It was Emmett’s 5th Birthday and to celebrate we put together a simple and fun birthday party. The Army theme was super fun and available-camo is everywhere right now! I got some green face make-up on the Halloween aisle, put out our Army paraphernalia (vests, helmets, masks, grenades) and let the kids go to town.

Here’s our Basic Training Obstacle Course: Army crawl under rope, up and over the ladder, across the bridge, hop across the planks and target practice! We had a couple of tunnels to crawl through and boxes to jump over too.

IMG_4887 IMG_4890 IMG_4892


One activity the boys absolutely loved was flying Paper Airplanes. They each folded and decorated them with stickers and then we had throwing contests. They spent about 20 minutes tossing those things!

We also played “Army Tag” (freeze tag)

IMG_4906 IMG_4917

IMG_4876Got these invitations at Target, along with the Duff’s Camouflage Cake Mix. The cake was yummy and looked super cool. I even used frosting from a jar, super easy! We had so much fun! Happy Birthday Emmett!!


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