Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014


I have always been a big fan of the Olympics. Really, who doesn’t like cheering for Team USA?

2 days until the Games open in Sochi, Russia and I’m getting revved up for some fun.

Some cool things I’ve discovered:

nbcolympics.com-the hub, enough said. I’m making this  my homepage for the next 3 weeks. They have funny 80’s yearbook photos of all the athletes, schedules, profiles of our team and interesting news pieces.

Google “Sochi 2014” and check out the images that come up! You will see the venues, medals, logos, characters and links to sites talking about the Olympics.

Also, follow these Instagram users:


Jeremy Abbott-American figure skater. He’s been posting since his arrival in Sochi. I think it’s cool to get an athlete’s perspective.



18 year old American figure skater. She hasn’t posted for a while, but I’m still hoping. These girls always shine in the Olympics. (Remember Tara Lipinski. I was never a big fan, but I will never forget her huge smile)




Mr. Popular of extreme sports. Of note, slopestyle snowboarding and skiing will premier at these Olympics! Of course, Shaun is favored to get the gold!


This one already has 154,000 posts. Tourists, volunteers, athletes, and media will be sharing here.

My passion for the Olympics was fueled by:


“Light the fire within”

Salt Lake City 2002. I was an event staff volunteer at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and for alpine skiing events at Snowbasin. And of course, Michelle Kwan. Here is her short program from SLC 2002. Heartbreaking bronze finish behind Irina Slutskaya and Sarah Hughes (ugh!)


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