priority numero 99 (this blog)

I figured out why I don’t blog anymore. I never have time to create a post that I would enjoy. Sure, I can dump a bunch of photos and caption them meaninglessly. But I would much rather write about books, religion, travel aspirations, Netflix, being an oncology nurse, my weaknesses, fitness, and my darling family. Writing, or even thinking through these subjects require brain power, which for me requires quiet. I never have quiet time that I want to dedicate to my blog. My quiet times are few and far between due to my talkative and demanding 4 year-old. Gosh, I love him. But, no my life is not quiet. I could create quiet but that would require getting up early, planning, prioritizing, having a routine. Each of those words scare me to death and at the same time I long for them deeply. Maybe one day… 


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