Emmett’s Birthday and Visit from Suzie


Happy Birthday Emmett!

This kid is super awesome! Some things he’s been up to:

Started preschool

First soccer team

Singing songs

Playing army

Being a big brother

Fun Aunt Suzie made him the firetruck cake. We were lucky that she was here to visit for his birthday!


I like going to City Creek, especially when we have someone to show it around to. Our first stop is always The Game Store. Then The Disney Store, looking at the fish, and the food court. One day I would like to go without children, then my first stop would be Anthro, H&M, Nordstrom, and all the other stores I haven’t stepped foot in.



Cute cousins-Lizzie age 2 and Hollis 4 weeks.

The weather was beautiful while they were visiting, so the pro got to show Lizzie how to ride a bike. She picked it up fast and will be cruising around her own neighborhood very soon! Nice helmet girl!


IMG_1087My beautiful baby girl. She is amazingly wonderful!


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