We love The Cabin!

…Even under three inches of snow. It has become a tradition for us to visit the Island Park Cabin the second week of October. It is a gamble because some years it’s sunny and warm and some years it is chilly. This year was the latter, but made for great cozy moments by the fireplace. And having a new baby calls for lots of cuddles. We invited our good friends Mindy and Jake and their kids Cash, Chloe, and Halle. The highlight for Emmett was shooting the BB gun. He’s into guns right now… er, obsessed!. My dad says not to worry, it’s just a phase…hope so. We were super sad that Yellowstone was closed. Pitt knew of a trail along the Madison River, so we went on a nature walk and made it past the boundary just long enough to get snowed on. The colors were beautiful, the company was supreme and the tradition lives on.

IMG_0856 IMG_0858 IMG_0868 IMG_0877 IMG_0883 IMG_0893 IMG_0897 IMG_0918 IMG_0722 IMG_0725 IMG_0948


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