Smitten with this baby of ours. Everything I have ever said about newborns was wrong.  The difference between Emmett’s first week and Hollis’ first week are night and day. These last nine days have been so peaceful. She has filled our home with a calm and quiet spirit that has surprised us all. She sleeps a lot and seldom cries. When she’s hungry she just starts smacking her lips, trying to eat the closest thing to her mouth at the time (notice that she has latched on to Pitt’s shirt in the pic below). That’s my cue to sweep her up and feed her. She’s such a good lil nurser. If I’m busy (running Emmett to preschool, for instance), she will just wait until I’m ready. She is so patient. Here’s to hoping the peace and quiet continues. Emmett keeps me busy enough!

Here are some pics of Pitt being the best dad ever. He posted pics of me, so I will post pics of him 🙂

Handsome devil




In the wee hours of the morning she was born. She arrived at 2:25 am, after that I crashed and left Hollis with daddy. When I woke up, this is the image that will forever be in my mind. Sweet moments between a dad and daughter.


Dream sharing


First bath at home

BIG thanks to my mom, Debbie. She came and stayed with us for a couple days and did my laundry and dishes and took Emmett to The Lego Store. It was great to have her around and see her loving my baby.


Love this one


Old pic but cute of these two buddies.


Look at that smile


In the hospital

Emmett is smitten as well. He loves his Baby Sister and always wants to be in the same room as her. She has two good wake periods a day and Emmett will scream, “Her eyes are open!” and then we will play and read her books and give lots of kisses. He wants to hold her until she gets too wiggly. He pushes her in the stroller (supervised) and always puts her on his army team when we play armies.




He loves getting his picture taken with her (I wonder when that will change)



5 responses to “Smitten

  • Raquel

    So happy that she is calm and patient, just what you need when you aren’t getting a lot of sleep. I love the name Hollis and i love seeing Emmett with a huge smile on his face. So happy for the Grewe family, wish I were there to come do your dishes!

  • Bianca

    How beautiful! She adorable, he’s adorable! Congratulations and I’m glad things have gone well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an experience like this with my second, cause boy oh boy was our time with Knox as a newborn hard!

  • Katie

    When I was looking at the first picture Chris said “Wow he has the power to milk! Which he calls nursing, so funny. What sweet pictures she Is such a cutie give her lots of kisses from the Boston bartons.

  • Mindy

    love this!!! She’s a precious little thing. One of my favorite parts about having a new baby is the feeling they bring in to the home. 🙂

  • Bette Jo Lee

    This makes me think it would be fun to be back in SL so I could have the Friday morning “watch”. Miss you

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