Daughters are a dad’s best friend

I am 5 days into having a daughter and I my world has been flipped upside down.  Instead of boring you with my mushy love story for my little girl, I thought I would give my insight on the daddy/daughter relationship and then blast you with photos of the little one. I know that is all you really want to see anyway.


1.  No matter how little the finger, all 6 feet of me can be wrapped around it.

2.  Now I understand why we always used my sister as the middle woman when requesting something from my dad.  Her chances for success were always 92% higher than me or my brothers.

3.  Being a dad of a princess is easy when all she wants to do is sleep.

4.  A daughter makes me want to be cool. When she is old enough to care, I hope to be hip enough to hang!

5.  Doing nothing with her is better than doing everything without here.



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