Birthday Quilt Surprise


I owe everything to my mom, including my love for quilts. So it only seemed irresistible to create one just for her in honor of her monumental birthday this year. I wanted to create something lovely, but also personalized. When I’m the one in the drivers seat, those two don’t exactly go together. So, I put the loveliness on one side of the quilt and the personalization on the other. We presented it to her just after her birthday when we were all together one weekend. It was a great surprise!Image


I asked the family all to create a 6×6 block to add to the quilt. I just gave them the square and some fabric markers and some works of art were created! For the two lil baby granddaughters, I put their handprints on their square. 


Thanks to my sister Suzie for getting the ball rolling. She came to my house one night and we spent hours cutting up all the fabric. It was a good time! And she also helped me put all the finishing stitches together when I had run out of ideas. 

It is special for me to be able to give a gift like that. When my mom saw it she said something like, This is something I have always wanted but never thought I would have. 


I searched for a long time to find a pattern I like and ended up with Scatter Patch. My mom likes things squared up and loves a nine patch, so this was perfect.  I was excited to work with all that white too, so fresh and clean. It looks like a picnic quilt and her birthday is in June, so each year she can get it out and take it to the park. It is 72 x 72.

Long before I started browsing for fabric, I created a list of some colors that this special quilt would have to include for Debbie: Navy, Red, White, Aqua, and Lime. I also wanted the fabric hip and current. Well, that seemed a tall order in the fabric world but one line existed and I had to wait 3 weeks for it to be released before I got my rotary on it. Not coincidentally, it came from Bonnie and Camille. My mom and I (and anyone ever) loves all of their stuff! Happy Go Lucky was the perfect fabric for my mom’s quilt. 


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