Disingenuous colloquy (I think I know what this means)

I have been pondering this subject for about 6 months. The English language is intense and full of so many sounds and noises. It is funny how we can communicate by all the different noises we make. Throughout history words have been formed that have no rhyme or reason to them.  They seem to be a pile of letter puke stuck together. Other words come out smooth and graceful like a ballerina entering a stage. 
What the word means can be totally hidden by the beauty of the pronunciation.  Or vice versa, the word can sound terrible but have a great meaning. Well in an effort to increase my vocabulary and make myself sound smarter than I really am, I have gathered a list of words that sound fantastic but really represent terrible things. So even though you feel cool saying them, the definitions of the words describe things we never would want to deal with. 

Sastrugi : sharp irregular grooves or ridges formed on a snow surface by wind erosion. If you have ever had to travel across a wind exposed, snowy surface where sastrugi has formed, you will curse it, hate it and contemplate the benefits of hibernation and sleeping through all winter months just so you never see sastrugi again.

Asphyxiate : to have a lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide in the body that results in unconsciousness and often death and is usually caused by interruption of breathing or inadequate oxygen supply.  This word makes you think before you try to pronounce it. That is why it is so cool. The combination of letters make you take a second look. But what it is referring to is just plain bad for all of us.
Graupel : granular snow pellets. This stuff looks cool, sounds cool and even tastes cool. Like nature’s flavorless dip n’ dots. The problem is want it does to the snow pack. It basically creates a nice layer of ball bearing for slab of snow to slide on. Making skiing way more scary and dangerous.
Pilfer : to steal stealthily in small amounts and often again and again. I wish I was able to use this word everyday. Say it over and over again out loud. It feels good coming out of your mouth. That being said, I think pilfering would be the worst way to be robbed. You would feel not only violated but also silly for not noticing. 
Borborygmus : intestinal rumbling caused by moving gas. Yes! I am just stoked I am talking about inside farts on the blog!
Mangle : to injure with deep disfiguring wounds by cutting, tearing, or crushing. Although cool to say because it is hard to say this word without scrunching your nose and twisting your mouth to help emphasize its meaning, No one wants this word to be used to describe them or any part of their body.
Feel free to comment and leave the cool words you know and have crazy definitions. Our language is all but easy to learn and master, but everyday we have the opportunity to express so many different feelings and emotions through words. Why not have fun with it and try to expand our vocabulary at the same time.
– Pitt

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