My Aunt Irene

This is my Aunt Irene. She is my Grandma Jean’s youngest sister, so really, she is my great-aunt. Sadly, she passed away last week after a long, valiant, courageous and humble fight against cancer. In 2006, one year after Pitt and I were married, we took a trip to Hong Kong and Japan. Irene and her husband Daryl spent 5 years living in Hong Kong.   They were sent there by the church, he serving as an Area Authority. We were fortunate enough to visit and spend three days with them. During that quick visit to Hong Kong, Irene guided us around the city and walked us miles and miles. I remember trying to keep up with her as we bustled throughout the markets and she showed me the best souvenirs to take home, a Chinese pillow box, jade carvings and beautiful silk linens still decorate my home reminding me of the trip. We loved Hong Kong, probably because Irene loved Hong Kong. She talked highly about the people, the cleanliness of the community and ease of the subway system.

Becky & Pitt in Hong ,  5-06 062

If you know my family, you know that we love a good cookie…and 7 years ago, Mrs. Fields was THE best. So, Irene made sure we stopped in the mall and got our Mrs. Fields fix.
Becky & Pitt in Hong ,  5-06 060

Daryl and Irene treated us to a great Chinese Dinner. If I remember correctly, there was even a roast duck. They always ordered this specialty for their guests.

Irene always had a smile on her face. She was fun to talk to and was always interested in what was going on in my little world. She was always dressed nice and had lipstick on, just a very classy lady. She was firm in her testimony and showed that through her life of service in the church along-side her husband of 51 years.  She really had a gift to love those around her. She could cook up a storm and enjoyed having people over for dinner. I even collected some recipes from her over the years. (It’s funny, I have the recipe for Hot Fudge from my grandma and another of their sisters, Norma, and they are the exact same) Love you Irene! Thanks for always being a good example and wonderful aunt!

FUN286 FUN287


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