Made me laugh so hard! I guess some conversations with our kids are ridiculous when you see it happening between 2 adults. Just today I had a convo that went something like this:
“We are not going to the park because you hit me and tried to bite me.” as I was saving your life and pushing you out of the way of a white SUV in the Great Harvest parking lot, that was going 1 mph.”
“But I want to go to the park.”
“No, Emmett. You do not get to go to the park.”
…Eight minutes of this same statement and we are home in the driveway.
“We are home now and you can choose to play and be nice or sit in your room alone.”
“I choose to go to the park .”
Oh boy! We are getting no where!
Pretty much how our whole day went. We argued about everything from which cup to use for his milk, why he couldn’t bring the stuffed dog into the grocery store, saying bye to a friend. Exhausting! I feel like I am terrible at this.


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