Bunch Ball

These pics are a couple weeks old, but I had to share Emmett’s first soccer experience with you. Emmett and I ventured to American Fork one Saturday morning during soccer season planning to cheer on Carter and Bailee in their soccer games. Once we got there, Emmett was invited to join his cousin’s team for the day because they were short a couple people. Truthfully, this was Emmett’s first exposure to the sport being played on his level. He jumped right in and loved it! SAMSUNG

Emmett and Carter are 18 months apart. They are best friends!

Bunch Ball! This team is 3-5 year olds.SAMSUNG

Here’s Coach Pat showing them exactly what to do. He did a great job helping Emmett understand.

I think he got more exercise than the kids!SAMSUNG

Look at Carter go!  He scored a bunch of goals. His dad even put him back as goalie so the other team got a chance to be on offense.SAMSUNGThe soccer crew. Bailee, Addy, Carter, Emmett and Staten. Great job team!

Pitt and I both played and love soccer. Emmett can play locally in the fall. We are very excited about that!


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