Back to basics


2 years ago this group was involved in an avalanche. It is has been since then that we have all skied together.  So this was quite a big deal and a big hurdle for us to get back out together. The guys rented us a yurt in the Sawtooth Mountains in Sun Valley, Idaho. The girls had a few guidelines, mostly concerning safety and the things we all learned from the accident. First, access to a road. Second, we carried radios so that in case anyone got separated we would still be able to  communicate. Also, two of us are pregnant and our stamina and motivation just aren’t what they used to be, so we had to keep these things in mind. We ended up at Boulder Yurt, a quick 1.5 mile ski in. These guys have done yurt trips before, so they know that it is worth it to pack in good, fresh food. Here are the supplies strapped to a sled (1 of 2), including restaurant style dinners, 12 oranges, bananas, swedish fish, eggs, fajitas, …enough feed an army or at least two pregnant women.


Dustin, Stacy, McCall and Mark

After we arrived and settled in, we took our first tour. I never thought I would enjoy skiing uphill, but on a pretty day and with this good company it was awesome!   Another great thing about the location was great terrain in a short hiking distance from our yurt; Within 30 minutes, we were looking down an a nice, mild, slope waiting for us to slide!  The conditions were stable and we were set.


We got in four great ski sessions while on this trip. In between skiing we spent our time making amazing meals, chopping wood, reading, playing games, and reminiscing about our dear friend Garrett who died in the avalanche and the ways he would be making us laugh.

The weekend we went not only marked the anniversary of the avalanche, but also Dustin’s 30th Birthday on March 29th. His request is that we have Pho (vietmnamese soup). Pho every Monday is a tradition started at Petzl when Garrett, Dustin and Pitt all worked there together. So, we towed in six meals of his favorite Kim Long’s. It turned out delicious! We called the celebration Dustin’s Good “Pho”riday!

DSCN1817Dustin and Stacy DSCN1819Becky and PittDSCN1818McCall and Mark


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