A little slow. Pitt wrote this weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to getting it on the blog. Enjoy!

A new year is upon us. I knew it was coming and still I am never really prepared for it. I find myself always scrambling to write down resolutions and goals. I reevaluate what direction I want my life to take and ponder the things I didn’t get done and need to take priority in the upcoming year. The funny thing about life and our annual “start over” is that each year it is perpetually more busy. It seems like the more experience we get in life the more we try to cram into it. You would think that the more experience we gain, the more efficient and simple our lives would become. I remember back to my early days in adulthood when my list of things I wanted to accomplish in a year was short and very direct. Now my list consists of long drawn out goals that have their own goals that have to be accomplished just as a means to bigger goals. What? No wonder it is so hard to accomplish my new year resolutions now. At what point in my life did I lose the ability to just go do what I said I was going to do. When did i decide to fill my life with lots of little things that clog up the process to accomplishing what I truly want to. 
     Humans are just plain good at getting themselves overloaded. And the more experience we get, the more that is compounded until a breaking point. I like to think that I keep myself in check and try to keep my life simple but I have my moments of despair when I am ready to jump ship and totally simplify every aspect of my life. Regardless of where you are in your complexity cycle, humans are amazing at accomplishing a lot and persevering to reach goals and resolutions. And though I did not fulfill all of my resolutions in 2012, I had a pretty amazing year. Here is a list of some of the highlights from each month. Very few of the highlights actually had anything to do with my 2012 resolutions but all of them contributed to the one resolution that should be at the top of all of our lists: Have fun and be happy!

Jan: I escaped an incredibly busy month of work to run off to the beaches of southern California with Becky and Emmett. Reminding me of my past commitments to myself to surf at least once every 6 months. There is no better feeling than that of carving a turn down a moving wall of water.
Feb: I tagged along with my little brother at the ski demo at snowbasin to try all the new upcoming boards. Combination of skiing, family, and sparkling new gear = excessively high stoke level.
March: Yurt trip for the 1 year memorial of the avalanche I was involved in that claimed the life of a close friend. Very little skiing was done but a lot of quality time in the wilderness made the trip unforgettable.
April: Took Emmett on his first climbing trip to City of rocks. I would not call it a success but a learning experience. We did it again in the fall and it was much smoother and I see many more of these in our future.
May: Climbed Ancient Art in the Fisher towers with Becky for our 7th anniversary and then 2 weeks later summited Mount Hood with my hot wife and favorite adventure partner.
June: Traveled to a remote lake in Canada for the fishing trip of a lifetime with my Dad and brothers. And I also turned 30. In all honesty I truly believe that I am still 21 years old. 30 is hard to swallow but also a shot in the arm to keep my motivation on overdrive.
July: Becky and I were caught in a summertime lightning storm while backpacking in the Uintas. A great reminder of the power of the weather and mountains. Getting nervous in remote location is healthy and causes you to think.
August: The first annual Uncle Pitt’s camping trip. 2 days in the woods with all my nieces and nephews. Witnessing incredible imaginations in my favorite environment, the wilderness of Utah.
Sept: I witnessed first hand the joy of Disneyland in the eyes of a 3 year old boy. Speechless.
Oct: Started another family tradition of heading to Yellowstone for a long weekend. Watching Emmett explore all the things I did as a kid is very fulfilling. I have so many good memories spending time in the Yellowstone area each summer. I could see Emmett’s adventure obsession spark and begin to burn within him. 
Nov: I was published on a prominent outdoor online journal. A very personal story that I wrote received a lot of exposure. It was therapeutic and closure to one of the scariest moments of my life. 
Dec: Holidays. That is all I need to say. Between the Christmas tree hunt and all the time off to ski with family and friends, I think it is my favorite month.  We spend a lot of time in the mountains in December and very little time behind a soul draining desk. This is why it is my favorite.
Good luck to all of you striving to accomplish your goals and resolutions. I would encourage each of you to be flexible and not miss out on any opportunities because you are trying to keep to your goals. Life will throw opportunities in your face like pies from a clown, don’t run for a towel to clean up so quickly, see what flavor it is first and maybe you will want to wear it around for a little while. 

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