What a wonderful weekend. Thanks to my mom who got me thinking tonight. She posted a great poem on her blog that I helped me reflect on the joyful week we have had. Thanksgiving is a time of celebrating the bounties we have and realizing the fortune and blessing constantly around us. Again, the Thanksgiving table was stacked with glorious food and beautiful decor. We spent the day at my Aunt Mary’s house (see mom’s blog for pics). We have spent more Thanksgivings with her family than probably anyone. I think we keep going back because we always end up laughing and feeling relaxed at her home. I was very grateful for the sunshine this year. Although I do love the snow, I don’t always love the cold. It is always wonderful to spend time with my family. We have such harmony and for that I am grateful. Emmett has so many awesome cousins to hang out with and learn from–I didn’t want to make him leave. Count your blessings tonight.

This picture is a couple weeks old. It makes me smile.





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