Our 3-year-old

Happy Birthday Emmett! This kid is so much fun. He loves everything trucks, so naturally we had a construction birthday party. We played construction games, ate bulldozer cake, and sent each kid home with a “sack lunch” full of goodies. The Raymonds were there (instaparty), my parents, our friends Jonathan and Megan-she is our regular babysitter when I go to work, and Emmett’s friend Tristen from across the street and his parents Josh and Kaylee . He got so many trucks and cool boy stuff. Thanks everyone!

On his birthday I asked him about a few of his favorites:

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Mac n Cheese noodles

Favorite animal: Giraffe

Favorite place: Zoo

Favorite person: Grandpa Scott

Favorite truck: Backhoe

Favorite store: TJ Maxx and Target

Favorite activity: Bike riding

Emmett is such a fun kid. He is the sunshine in my life and we spend almost every waking moment together. Going to the park with him is one of my favorite things. I marvel at his little body and the amazing(ly simple) things he can do! Together we frequent Jamba Juice, the library, Target, the car wash, the gym, Chick-Fil-A–you know, the usuals. Although we are learning patience from each other; he is a fairly simple toddler, which I am grateful for.  And I am also learning that if I make him eat fruit or veggie at every meal, I should do the same. I love him to the moon and back!


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