Summer favorites

We had many summertime adventures. That’s why I forgot about my blog for a couple of months. But I’m baaack! Here are a few of our best pics from the summer:Emmett got a sandbox! This boy loves to dig, dig, dig!

Family trip to Snowbird. We had such a fun time with the Raymond crew! Emmett was in heaven being in the mountains. I was in heaven being in the mountains and watching the Olympics whenever I wanted.

My awesome nephews enjoying their favorite food at “Uncle Pitt’s Camping Trip.”  Emmett loves these two and is always in afit of laughter when either one is around.

“Uncle Pitt’s Camping Trip”

Pitt put this all together and invited his nieces and nephews from both sides to join us. We camped at Beaver Mountain and enjoyed tinfoil dinners, campfire songs, smores, sleeping in tents, treasure hunting, and Bear Lake…all in 24 hours!

Backpacking with Mr. Pitt. Love him!


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