Here are a few things you should know about my dad:

He is good at everything he does.

He is a great trip planner. Growing up we went on a family vacation every year. Those are memories that are forever with our family! This leads to my next thing you should know…

He is an adventurer! Whenever on vacation, we would always do something exciting; river rafting, hiking to waterfalls, sky diving…I’ve watched him do some crazy things. The craziest, I have to say, is bungee jumping head first off a bridge into the Hood River!

He is an early adapter. Mom thought he was crazy when he brought home a CD player. She still uses it everyday. But…

He holds on to everything! He is still trying to figure out where to put all the VHS tapes…so many good movies!

He takes great pictures. I’m always stealing his photos from trips, because mine just aren’t as good.

He loves the heat.

He loves the ocean.

He loves Looney Toons.

Every morning he eats cream of wheat and stands to drink his orange juice with his hand on his hip.

Dad spent countless hours with frustrated teenagers doing math homework. If that is not a test in parenting, I don’t know what is. He is so patient.

He is interested in everything! He loves to learn and read and discover. I think he always had more fun on my science projects than I did. (Dad, remember the pig eye dissection or the pendulum?) Don’t take him to a museum, you’ll be there, in one spot, all day, reading all the fine print!

He is a scriptorian.

I know that whatever time I call, he will sit on the phone and talk, for however long I need.

He is an awesome grandpa. Emmett talks about Bomba all the time, and Max-they go together-usually Uncle Mike too. He plays with Emmett, talks to him, laughs with him…just the sweetest thing!

He is the greatest dad in the world! I love him so much!



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