Home to Boise to Sandy to Portland to Mt. Hood to Cannon Beach to Sandy to Boise to Logan to home…2,200 miles! Summit (11,200 ft) to coast, and everything in between. We had a great time on our vacation. Here are the highlights:

Seeing Duke and Betsy! Isn’t it always fun to visit people you love and find out what their world is all about? Pitt’s younger brother Duke got a job in Mt Hood and this was the first time we’ve gone to see them. We got to stay at their perfectly put-together house, visit Duke’s awesome ski shop, attend their ward and see their town. Sandy, OR is a very charming place and I plan to go back again!

The hiking around Portland is so enjoyable. The weather was perfect, the trees were dripping green and Emmett was glad to be back in the backpack he knew so well last summer. We joined Duke and Betsy on a trail to Punchbowl Falls, then drove the old highway along Hood River.

The next day just the three of us went exploring downtown Portland. Destination:  ZOO! We also rode the metro, shopped the hipster Mississippi Ave, found a fun toy store and fountains.

Highlight: this Chocolate cake. As we were strolling around one night, we passed a restaurant with big windows on the sidewalk. I saw someone enjoying a piece of this cake and it took my breath away. It was love at first sight and I just could not resist. So I walked in and got us a slice-to-go from the maitre-d. He thought it was kinda weird, but complemented my enthusiasm. The cake was Amahzing!

Climbing Mt. Hood with Pittoman! It was a three and a half hour haul up the steep slope. We had cramp ons and ice axes for aid and roped up for the last steep part so no one fell into a crevice. Hard core right?! It was the perfect day to do it, not a cloud in sight!

Emmett loves the beach! The whole crew drove out to Cannon Beach the day before we left and enjoyed the waves, the tide pools, the sand, the haystack rock!

Cousin stop in Boise! We always love spending time with The Jensens!

Emmett was the best! We had the best time with him. He’s old enough to be able to hang all day without a nap if he has to. He was healthy and happy, entertaining us every night by dancing to Bieber songs. Emmett was a better road tripper than me. He never complained about getting buckled in that car seat! He enjoyed every moment on the road, looking out the window, spotting every Mack truck, back hoe, horsey and cow we went by. What a trooper!


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