Ancient Art Tower, Moab, Utah

The last thing I ever expected a bank commercial to do is inspire me to do something amazing. Well, that’s exactly what one did. Maybe you’ve seen it and never believed that it was real.

From the minute this CitiBank commercial aired, Pitt had our plans made. He was asking everyone at work about the climb, learning about the route and planning our escape. Our window of opportunity came on a Monday. So we made the surprisingly short (4 hour) drive to the Fisher Towers, which are located just outside of Moab, Utah.  We hit the trailhead later than we wanted to, thanks to our new supersoft double-sleeping bag (Happy Anniversary to us!), but enjoyed the short 20 minute hike to the base of the towers. I kept gazing up at those towers, questioning if I could really make it to the top-the top of the sharpest, skinniest one, no less! When we got there, we were stuck waiting behind three other groups. But it gave us a good chance to check out the route and figure out the logistics. The first guy we watched summit flexed his arm while standing at the top. When he came down he let us know it was his 70th birthday! Awesome!

Finally, it was our turn. And we got to work climbing. Pitt did a great job leading the climb and alway giving me warnings and words of encouragement. He’s a great coach!

After 3 pitches you get to the scary part. This is when it starts to get windy and you feel like it could just blow you off onto the desert floor. Again, Pitt had to go first and show me how it’s done.

Securing the rope. As you head up to the tippy top the rope is underneath you and you kinda have to heft it up with you. If you did fall it would be a long way down because the anchor ends up being four feet underfoot! …better to not even think about it!

My turn! It was fun to walk across the bridge/plank going from where I was sitting taking pictures to the bottom of the tower. It is just a bumpy, rocky wide balance beam with 400 feet of air beneath you! Then you get to this “diving board” that you could either crawl under and around or hop up onto, like this… I tried to just think of it as getting onto the trampoline…easy, right? (see the balance beam?…cool!)

Woo hoo! I could hardly look around. It was scary! I didn’t want to stand up there and ponder the meaning of life, that’s for sure. Just a quick photo op and down I went, safely back into the arms of my man. Whew! It was so exhilarating! We had a blast and it felt good to accomplish something other than the laundry. I’m an average climber, climbing not much more than 5.9 routes. You just need to know your equipment and have a great guide to lead everything for you and you could make it too!


4 responses to “Ancient Art Tower, Moab, Utah

  • Melissa Carter

    I’ve wondered about that commercial… WOW, so awesome! The four foot+ drop thing is the type of thing that can wig me out when I’m up high like that (though I don’t think I’ve ever been higher than 3 pitches, yikes.) Once, (we were almost three pitches up and the highest I’d ever climbed) –I froze for a few minutes because I realized we had veered sideways up a climb and if I fell, I would not only drop a bit, but likely swing. It took a couple minutes for me to regain composure and keep going. What I am trying to say is that, basically, you are my hero. I bet it was amazing gorgeous!

  • errin

    I have totally seen that commercial and seriously thought in my head … “I would never dare do that”! Look at you Becky! That is awesome. You are amazing to do it. Good for you!!

  • missy

    awesome. just awesome!

  • Andy

    Holy freaking poo. Well done… well done.

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