Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day! I love this picture of you. It tells so much…happy, smiling, looking cute, world traveler 

I have been thinking of all the great things we have done together; all the things you taught me, showed me and helped me do. I would just like to let everyone know that my mom is the best! And this is why:

She sat through a nauseating amount of Dance Competitions while raising me and my sister. These Saturdays are some of my best memories of me and mom time. I loved driving in the car with she and her friends Dorothy and Stephanie (and my friends, Ginna and Lacie), blasting Whitney Houston, trying no to get lost or be late. She spent time hauling all my silly props-remember the big wooden box, the gold soldier hat, the folding chair, the pink cape?- and taking care of my costumes and make-up.

Mom always threw me the best birthday parties! We did it all; roller skating, bowling, American Girl theme with cupcake ice cream cones and ice cream cupcakes, inviting over THIRTY 6th grade girls and having to play all the games inside because of rain. And with three other kids around to boot!

Another thing I’ll always remember doing with my mom and grandma is school shopping. We would take a day and head to Crossroads Mall. We loved Gap Kids and ZCMI for Esprit-I’ll always cherish my white with black polka dot overalls!

She is the one who taught me how to plant flowers. Petunias and pansies in the summer and tulip and hyacinth bulbs in the fall.

She is the one who taught me how to do laundry (and how to shrink things). She is the one who taught me how to clean a bathroom and make it sparkling. She is the one who taught me to load the dishwasher-there’s always room for one more! She’s the one who taught me how to bake dang good cookies and dang good sheet cake. She is the one who taught me that family dinner is important. She is the one who taught me to kiss your husband when he goes to work.

She is the one who taught me how to sew. And I know that took patience on her old, quirky Bernina. She taught me the basics of piecing a quilt and sewing a binding. She is the one who taught me to work hard in school. She read every paper I’ve ever written and edited it accordingly-spending hours on the ones that really needed help!

She is the one who taught me how to travel; packing, navigating an airport (and what not to do-let the standby passengers take your seats-lol), checking in to a hotel, reading your husband a map, finding food on the run, knowing that vacation is a special time and it is worth the money to do an adventure that you will never forget-like skydiving over the North Shore in Hawaii. And just so everyone knows, Mom did that!!

I love being up Logan Canyon with her, hiking to the Wind Caves or hosting a family picnic/dutch oven for Uncle Gary’s birthday. Or being on the other side of the valley, conquering The Wellsvilles together!!  She put so much into family reunions at Bear Lake, planning meals, snacks, games, talent shows, food, food and more food! I didn’t know then how much work that is, but I do now and I am totally amazed the Stevensons pulled that off for so many years!

She is a great example to me. In my eyes, she always makes the right decision, says something when she needs to or buttons her lip when she doesn’t. She is kind to everyone and thinks about every angle. She is tolerant and non-judgmental, loving and sensitive, bright and happy, beautiful and amazing!


2 responses to “Dear Mom,

  • Debbie Raymond

    Thanks Becky (for remembering the good stuff). Your words mean so much to me. Love you.

  • Aimee Raymond

    I love this! I hope my kids will have the same wonderful memories of me that you have had of your Mom. You are so much like Debbie that I know you will do all these amazing things to your children as well:) You are both such great examples!

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