I love a good surprise!

Weeks ago I had a birthday. It was #30 and I tried to plan a dinner out with my friends. It was on a Wednesday, so everyone was busy and couldn’t come. No big deal, right? Well, that day Pitt came home from work early and we went on a little outing up the canyon and then planned to have dinner together. The weather was beautiful, as it usually is on April 25th…but warmer this year than in the past. It was fun playing outside by the river with Emmett. Next, we went to a restaurant we haven’t tried before, Yellowfin. It was delicious! Some of the best sushi we’ve had. Great Birthday, right? Well, we got in the car to come home and Pitt handed me a paper bag and told me to put it over my head, he had a surprise! Of course, I was excited! When we got to the unknown destination (home) there was a whole houseful of party go-ers there to surprise lil OLD me!

Yes, that’s me and Pitt! Together at an 8th grade dance when we were 13 years old. Pitt themed the party “13 to 30” and had a great 90’s playlist that we all loved/hated–Cotton Eye Joe, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Waterfalls, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, On Bended Knee. Lots of friends and family were there; three of my best friends from age 13 (they didn’t blow me off after all!) Adrienne, Sarah, and Mindy

and my 4 year old Birthday Buddy Carter. His birthday is April 23rd!

30 Candles all in one blow! Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for the great surprise party Pitt. You got me!


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