Now That I’m Thirty…

  • I still like (prefer) sugary cereals for breakfast
  • I have found my favorite mascara
  • I am willing to pay an extra two dollars for softer toilet paper
  • I should stop forgetting my wallet and accept carrying a purse
  • I would love to memorize a poem to recite to Emmett at night
  • I’ve stopped biting my nails
  • I really appreciate good friends-yes, that’s you
  • I ought to finish those cushions I’ve been thinking about working on
  • I know the best ice cream on earth is Aggie Ice Cream and it always tastes better when eating it with people you love
  • I have a child old enough to enjoy Disneyland-and we’re going in six months!
  • I wish I were more organized and less forgetful
  • I’ve accepted the fact that I’m disorganized and forgetful
  • I count my blessings everyday…my/our health, my home, my better half, my son, my family, my friends, my testimony
  • I know that age is just a number 

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