Suddenly, he’s a big boy!






From this to that in no time at all!!







Some big steps for us in March:

1) A haircut. We were sad to see it go but he was getting called a girl regularly and wanted to wear headbands to keep it out of his face. He looks so handsome, I think!

2) No more binky!!

I have to say that this was all Pitt. I never would have gotten around to throwing it away but Pitt talked to Emmett many times about getting rid of the binky and being a big boy. Of course, coming from your dad, this is a big deal. So they went outside and chucked his binky in the garbage can. The garbage truck came the next morning so we watched as it went “bye-bye” I think it was really important for Emmett to see it go away and know that it wasn’t just us doing it. The first night he cried for a solid hour, the next night only 30 minutes and then the next just a whimper. Our bedtime routine has gotten more drawn out because we can’t just toss him in the crib with his snooze button but we did it! Whew…that was a hard one in the moment but now it’s just a memory.

3) Big-boy bed…He has done great! No problems with him staying in bed or anything (yet).


He’s just getting so big! He talks my ear off and can have full conversations with me. He knows directions and tells me which way to turn to get where we need or want to go. But you know what I love the most? Holding his hand. He’s a growing boy and now his hand in mine is actually big enough to grasp, not just crimp or drag along. It is big enough to hold and squeeze and I just love it so much!











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