A little vacay

Pitt worked his brains out in January. A quick trip to the soothing waves of Southern California is just what he needed to rejuvinate…luckily, we got to go with him and show him how to really have fun!


Huntington Beach!

Touching jellyfish!

Long Beach Aquarium, watching “Dude”

Cresent Bay Beach!

Pinkberry (My favorite)

The Fiat (yes we fit  2 adults, a carseat, a jogging stroller and surfboard in there all at once)

Tide pools in Laguna

Hanging out with Park-Man!

…and a whole lotta love!

The diaper out the top of the board shorts is such a kick!

We had a great 3 days! The weather was perfect; no wind, upper 70s…even on the beach. We stayed with Pitt’s cousins and they fed us and entertained. Emmett didn’t get sick (we have a bad track record in California). He loved the beach! At Huntington we found some other boys that he played with. They shared their snacks and we shared our toys. It was fun! Emmett loved splashing in the water and rolling in the sand. I loved it too! Couldn’t have asked for more.


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