Born To Ski

I swear I just hit 60,000 views but now I’m almost to 61,000…exciting! I don’t know who’s reading, but I hope you’ll enjoy this…Our Lil Buddy Bear on skis!!

This was a very happy day for us as a family. We’ve been so excited to get Emmett on skis! Thanks to his sponsor, Duke @Timberline Lodge Ski Shop, the dream became a reality years before we thought it would. It was a rather stormy day on Dec. 31st, but we headed up to Beaver Mountain (Home Sweet Home) to make the attempt. Our expectation was not too high, we decided that we’d be happy with one run in that snow storm. But Emmett was having fun and kept pointing to the lift urging us to go again and again. We made 4 runs on Little Beaver! He never cried or freaked out. What can I say, he was born to ski!


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