Christmas Wrap-up

I’m pretty sad to be saying good bye to another Christmas. I started to put away my Christmas decor last night but didn’t have the heart to take down the tree, I love it so. We had a wonderful holiday that can never be captured by my camera skills. But for me and my memory if I don’t get it on “film” I will never remember it again. My mom and dad are always taking pictures, so when I’m at their house I don’t take a lot of pictures. But with the Grewes, I’m the only picture taker so I always have my camera out and ready to go! So when I get home and upload, there are these big blank spots in the timeline. Mom is really good at sending her pics to me though, so that is a big help. Ones I’m waiting for…pics of Emmett in his Christmas jammies jumping on the bed…so cute! We spent Christmas Eve at Bill and Patty’s with Jim, Jenn and Kendall. She has a little cousin crush on Emmett.

Christmas morning came and on one side of the room Santa brought Emmett some big Tonka trucks, on the other side of the room was a play kitchen for Kendall. We were a little nervous that they would be mixed up about who’s was who’s, but they ran into the living room, both looked around for a second and then split their separate (and correct) ways. Let the fun begin!

Some great Christmas moments in the pictures…Cookies for Santa, Kendall and her kitchen, Emmett and his trucks, Abominable snowman slippers, Bailee reading her poem that she wrote for Grammy, Playing games, Face Time with Duke and Betsy who live in Oregon, Grandpa Evan playing with Emmett and my newest beautiful nieces. Merry Christmas!


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