O Christmas Tree!

Here’s where our wonderful Christmas tree came from this year:

A little place called Preston, Idaho


Sun+blue skies+friends+snow=bliss

We stopped on the ridge for a little snowball target practice, pictured below…

my man was the only one to hit the target…just sayin. He’s such a jock.

This is THE one!

A darling tree discovered by Bryn and Quin

Jentry and Nichole found the pine of their dreams

Mark and McCall took home this beauty!

Molly and Ben discovered this evergreen and wanted to give it a nice home.

Camera shy: Brady and Caitlin (oops, they were lost in the forest before my battery died)

No pressure, just this little guy depending on us to bring him home the perfect Christmas tree!

Emmett with his 3 ornaments-3 Christmases, 3 ornaments. This year he got an airplane!

I LOVE this photo!

A sight to behold! The Christmas tree is my favorite part of Christmas!


2 responses to “O Christmas Tree!

  • Betsy G

    Well done Grewe’s. That tree is a beaut. I also spy the ornament I made for Emmo’s first christmas, maybe it will help him remember his Aunty Betsy. Hope you guys have a fun filled Christmas.

  • Marie

    Yah, a little place called Preston Idaho…haha. JJ totally picked the SAME christmas ornament. I love it…it is so sparkly! Pier Imports…right? Glad you had nice time in Vegas…you guys are serious shoppers! Yah, so I took the kids around our neighborhood today and we gave a house an award for the best decorated house. I remember getting that idea from your Mom years ago. Cut the Crazy out of Christmas. 🙂

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