I was featured…

…On the AdornIt blog. Click the quilt to see the post. I loved working with their nice fabric and the “Life’s a Hoot” line is just so cute! You can find their fabric at most quilt shops, just ask for it. Also check out the store on their website…lots and lots of creative fabric to choose from! And if you’re in Cache Valley, you can go to their boutique and get their fabric, along with other accessories, paper goods, home decor and boutique clothing. It’s on North Main in Hyde Park, a yellow building on the West side of the road. It is a fun place to shop! You won’t leave there empty-handed!

…Thanks MOM!

  How did your shopping go? I didn’t brave the crowds for Black Friday. But I heard that at Walmart, people were just diving over each other and throwing Blu-Ray players around. I’d like to go one year just to watch the madness. I do enjoy Cyber Monday and just put in an order at Amazon and Gap. It’s just not Christmas to me if I don’t get and give something from Gap! I can’t finish all my shopping today though because in 3 days I’m headed to Las Vegas for a girls weekend, full of shopping and food indulgences. I can’t wait! 

   We had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!  It started off right by getting some turns in the powder at Beaver Mountain. (No, the lifts aren’t running, but we know a guy with a snowcat) It was a perfect, clear day …and wow, it really was nice to be back on my skis. I forgot my camera, so no pics 😦

  And then this is where we spent our Thanksgiving. This beautiful pioneer home was built in the 1880’s. Family friends of the Grewe’s, Bill and Liz, have put a lot of love into their home and it is just stunning inside and out! They have a barn, horses, goats, and chickens. We loved watching Emmett explore. Although he just had ice and whipped cream for dinner, he was a very good boy and made us all smile with his antics.

I love this photo! The two of them , just chatting. 

Then the next day we hung out with The Raymonds and went bowling!

Here’s Emmett being patient. Funny guy!

The Ipad has recently been a favorite pastime of my lil 2-year-old; here he is sharing his passion with the boyz.


3 responses to “I was featured…

  • Aimee Raymond

    cute post! Love the one of the boys and the ipads. Funny how times have changed. We had fun seeing you guys. Can’t wait for our upcoming girls weekend!!!

  • Ade

    I swear I’ve seen that house before…where in CV is it? Love that Emmo boy bowling-so cute!

  • errin

    so fun! you guys look so good & happy! i love all your pictures! you did an amazing job on your quilt! wow – you are an amazing crafter like your mom 🙂 happy thanksgiving!!!

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