Into the Mountains-City of Rocks and Big Cottonwood

We’ve really been trying to take advantage of the great weather and be outside as much as we can! This included a two-day trip to City of Rocks. If you like climbing even just a little bit and camping just a little bit, then this place is for you! It is a quick 2 hour drive from Logan and suddenly out of nowhere this amazing place pops into view!

Look at that! All those rocks are yours to climb on! You could spend your whole life here and not climb the same route. We arrived on a somewhat rainy, cloudy day. But once it cleared we hit the granite.

Pitt made it up in the clear, but halfway up for me it started hailing and storming like crazy! I finished the climb (Applause) and we got down safely, but soaking wet! We spent the next 3 hours waiting out the rain. Then the boys found an irresistible crack and climbed it until dark.

The next day was beautiful so we climbed the “Thumb.” It’s the smaller pillar just left of that large dome. It was a four-pitch, 5.7 route that gave us a great view! It is such a fun trip. We’ve decided to try and go every year. The campsites and  bathrooms are nice. It’s just a cool place to visit!

Obviously, Emmett was not with us on this trip. Here’s where we go where we have our Buddy Bear with us…

Mt. Raymond! It was such a perfect hike! 3.5 miles to the saddle and Emmett hiked on his own for 30 minutes!

And I carried him for the first hour! (I love aspen trees)

Get outside this weekend and enjoy the changing colors, warm sunshine, smell of the trees and observe the little things that only a toddler would notice!


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