The UP House



Loren, this is for YOU!

Last month my mom and I made it to the SLC home show. The most popular house this year was the “UP House.”  They modeled this home after the one in the movie, from the wallpaper, to the hardwood floors and the knick-knacks on the shelves. It was reported that 27,000 people toured the house during the home show! It was pretty crowded when we were there with mostly movie fans, not home decor fans. People were just gasping and clapping and laughing as they went through, spying little details from the movie. It was just making people happy…kinda like walking through Mickey’s house in Disneyland.

Custom-made armchairs just like the ones in the movie.

The mantle had all the perfect touches.


Baby room mural painted by Ellie, so precious and Doug in the crib


The kitchen even had a 50’s feel with chrome accents on turquoise appliances and

splashes of red…a favorite color combo right now.

This was the master bedroom; notice the portraits and glasses on personalized end tables. Just clever!

They even had Mr. Fredrickson and Russell the boy scout there to pose for pictures!

AND…this beautiful house (2,800 square-feet) could be yours for $400,000!!

Here’s an article from Deseret News explaining how this all came to life. 


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