Can’t Sleep

Just can’t sleep! I laid in bed for 30 minutes, then came a checked out blogs until 1 am and I still can’t sleep! It’s the weirdest thing for me because I never have a problem. It is about time for me to work my night shift so maybe that’s it or maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s because Pitt fell asleep before me. I don’t know but as a lay there I just couldn’t stop thinking. I was thinking about how I want to take a dance class, how I wish I could be more productive with my time, I was thinking about the book I’m reading and I was feeling guilty about not working enough. I was wishing I could have a better blog and make money from it…but then how I don’t think I could ever have anything good enough to say, so that would never happen…and I really hate WordPress, so I would have to get a new URL. I was thinking that I wish I were a better writer, a better friend, more intelligent conversationalist.

This is old, but look at Emmo’s shaggy hair!

BTW, I’m reading The Devil in the White City. It is a true story about a psychopath during the time of the Chicago World’s Fair. Sounds creepy I know, so far it’s not.

So, from that I have decided to: take a dance class, work on my quilt tomorrow, schedule some shifts, and test out! Hopefully I will be able to sleep now.

Our little Emmett is getting so smart! He has quickly turned from being a baby to being a little boy! I swear he’s grown up so much in the last month. He doesn’t cry like he used to, he walks upright up and down stairs, he’s communicating and laughing all the time. We have limited his binky to crib use only and it has made a world of difference! If only we would have been brave enough to do that months ago… We went to This Is The Place Heritage Park and it was so much fun! They have pony rides and a great petting yard and a train ride. Go check it out, you just need 2 hours but it’s fun! Oh, and I saved a billy goat’s life while I was there. He stuck his head through the fence to eat some grass and it got stuck, well good thing I was there to pry the fencing open and push his lil neck out! I’m a hero! (Did I mention the goat was Emmett’s size, cutest thing you ever did see!) We went with another little girl and for once Emmett wasn’t being the bad one-is it bad to say I’m proud of that!?


4 responses to “Can’t Sleep

  • Melissa Carter

    You are awesome! I love how you take all those middle of the night stewings and just decide to do something about it. And I always like wht you have to say on your blog!

  • andrewgrewe

    i just finished reading devil in the white city a few months ago. Trust me, it gets creepy. you shoud try “abraham lincoln: vampire hunter.” It’s awesome. miss ya sis!

  • Debbie Raymond

    When you can’t sleep,
    Don’t count sheep…
    Talk to the Shepherd.

    Love, MOM

  • Suzie

    Hooray that you came to so many decisions! Take a fun dance class for both of us. I’ve never used wordpress so a change may be better or not. I often wish I could make money doing something I enjoy at home–Then I realize it’s not going to happen for me…you have the gumption to get something started and stick with it, me not so much. Talk to Nikki – she seems to have the blogging thing down! And great job with the goat 🙂
    p.s. When I can’t sleep, I put in my iPod and listen to old conference talks – since I usually fall asleep during conference. Works like magic!

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