Sunny Smiles

   There’s just something about summer that makes people smile. We’ve had such a busy summer, but we love it! We taken every opportunity to get out-of-town and be together. We’ve enjoyed every minute of family time. Emmett’s been with his cousins a lot and his language skills are skyrocketing! Everyday he says something new. Today it was “kitty.” Yesterday, “let’s go!” Also, “please,” “cheese,” and “Pooh” or “poo”-depends on the context.

Carter and Emmo

We love Dave and Candice’s new pool. It’s just to Emmo’s liking-89 degrees. He loves to lounge.

He’s becoming quite the water baby!

We also got a new niece, Claire! Aaron and Aimee are such great parents, I’m excited for their growing family.

I have a few more summer to-do’s…Bear Lake this weekend and another cabin weekend next! I’m so grateful that Pitt has a regular job with weekends off, we went a couple years where he worked Saturdays and it’s just better to have Saturday to ourselves.


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