FFF 2011

I know! You’ve all been waiting so long for my post about Forced Family Fun (FFF). At least once a year we try to get everyone there at the same time-we didn’t quite make it and really missed Duke and Betsy. But overall, it was a success.We had a ton of fun at the cabin this year, as always. The minute we jumped out of the car, Emmett was off exploring. I think he laughed and smiled the rest of the day as he discovered everything. This was the first photo I snapped…like I said, all smiles!

I loved having all Emmett’s cousins together. It is so great to see all those kids playing. Emmett is stuck in the middle #3 out of 5. He’s big enough to play with the older kids now and wants to go everywhere with Logan, who’s 4.

Kendall, Loren, Emmett, Logan and Kellen

One of the favorite attractions is the train. We have 3 train cars and may need to get a more powerful lawn mower to haul all 5 of the grandkids next year. Grandpa Bill is a great conductor and loves to show the kids all the bells and whistles in the different cars. Each car has different gadgets to play with as they ride. You can hear the train coming from a block away!

Our other favorite thing at the cabin is Henry’s Lake. Here’s Loren and Logan walking down the the shore. The lake is so high this year, the usual shore we have is gone. But the view is still peaceful and wonderful! These 2 love to go fishing and ride on the boat. I love to go out for a boat ride and spot the bald eagles. We always see 1 or 2.

I love this picture of Logan. He is such a cool kid!

We ventured to the other side of the lake for a small rodeo and big dutch-oven dinner.

Here are Jim, Jenn, Gma Patty and Kendall loving every minute!

I love this pic of Kendall…cutest one-year old I know!

Don’t tell Petzl, but we set up our own zipline. It was a hit!


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