Climbing St. George and Exploring Bryce Canyon



We had a great Memorial Day weekend in St. George. It was so nice and sunny, we couldn’t get over it!  We did some rock climbing @ Prophecy Wall, Snow Canyon, Mo’s Valley, and Chuck Walla. The 2 kiddos did great! They were such troopers and Emmett loved exploring and throwing rocks. I love Snow Canyon! It is so close to town and just a beautiful place to explore. On our way home we “swung by” Bryce Canyon for some hiking. What a cool place! Ahhh, I’m thinking of the warm sunshine now and smiling!

2 awesome moms!

Eliza, Jackson and Mave. Pitt, Becky and Emmo.


Love the colors in this one. Thanks Ren and Julianne for coming along!

Just chillin’

I asked Emmett to sit by Mave so I could get a picture. Well, he went right over and sat on her lap!

Bryce CanyonThanks for checking out our photos! Happy Friday!












One response to “Climbing St. George and Exploring Bryce Canyon

  • Ade

    Not gonna lie. This looks awful to me! LOL! I’d rather pull out a blanket and sit down and soak up some rays. 🙂 But you look real cute doing it. LOVE your hair. Have I told you that? I think I have…but it’s SO DARN CUTE! Love you!

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