Emmett’s Eats

I was reading this article on Babble today and thinking about Emmett’s eating habits. I think he’s a good eater, as long as the food offered is “Emmett food.” “Emmett food” consists of oatmeal, cheese, yogurt, spaghetti-o’s, mac-n-cheese, mandarin oranges, turkey, hot dogs, sweet potatoes (weird, but he loves them), or frozen waffles.I just wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I’ve found during this adventure of feeding a toddler.

First, Whole Grain Mac-N-Cheese. I can only find this at Target. I like this because it has some fiber in it and less sugar.

Oat Revoltion! Instant Oatmeal. It has pretty much the same nutrition facts as good ‘ole Quaker, but I think it tastes way better! Try it! Don’t pay more than $1 per box though. You can find it on sale. I found it at Harmons for 50 cents a box and almost bought out the whole store. Emmett eats the peach, strawberry, apple and maple.  We don’t like the “Thick & Hearty” or “Oat Fit.” This company seems to be on a mission to give the world better oatmeal and for me, they have!

I have lots of pictures of him eating, i think because it is one time during the day where he is holding still.


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