6 years and counting!

I wasn’t going to put up a post about our anniversary, but Adrienne liked seeing Brooke’s picture from my wedding so much, that she requested more. And I am not one to disappoint. Plus, a girl always like showing off her wedding dress, right? But, Ade, I don’t have any of me and you?!?! I hope you do and can send me one. Well, here it is…May 14th, 2005…

For our anniversary Pitt surprised me every day that week with something representing each year of our marriage. He’s always been a good gift giver, well he went over-the-top this year. I got flowers, cupcakes, and a surprise trip to Costa Rica! We’re going in June. We’re just going to surf and swim and relax and play. It will be great!

I love being married to Pitt. He loves to go places and visit people. He has a big heart and great smile. He’s a great dad and huge support for me. I feel so lucky to have him in my life!


3 responses to “6 years and counting!

  • Ade

    I will have to look to see if I have any of us. I’m pretty sure I do. 🙂 I totally remember taking that picture with us jumping. So funny!

    What a good guy! Pitt, you can bring me cupcakes anytime you want!!!

  • Natalie

    Congratulations! I love the 1 gift per year idea – I might have to steal that one!

  • Amanda

    Ahhh… how cute you two! I love looking at wedding pictures! I guess you can thank Emmett for your twins, eh? ;o) It happened to me too. lol! So, maybe Pitt can teach Nathan the art of giving the right gift? Nathan, bless him, is a horrible gift giver. LOL!

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