I’m back

I haven’t blogged in a LONG time. I keep thinking about it but couldn’t bring myself to put anything in writing. I’m still struggling with it as I sit here. March wasn’t the best month for us. The Japan earthquake, our house got broken into and we were robbed, and then on March 27th Pitt was in an avalanche. It was so scary and I still can’t believe the story. It sounds terrifying for everyone involved. One of our friends passed away and it has left a hole in many hearts. It was a terrible accident and has forever changed our lives. Waves of grief keep coming from the loss of our friend and it’s still hard to believe that Garrett is gone. But I will forever be grateful that Pitt, Mark, McCall, Dustin, Stacy, and Molly made it home. There are many emotions to sort through and we are all still healing.

(Jumping off the couch with cousin Carter)

  I am feeling happy today though because we’re boarding a plane to California in a few hours! Things I’m looking forward to…sunshine, the beach, Pinkberry…oh did I mention SUNSHINE! We’re taking Emmett, so wish us luck!

(Dipping our toes in the Pacific 1 year ago)

  Emmo is 18 months old this week. He is a funny guy and makes me laugh everyday! He’s learning lots of new words and we’re working on animal sounds. He’s so observant of his surroundings and points out birds, trucks and airplanes to me. He loves to play peek-a-boo and gets hysterical when he’s in his highchair and I pop out from around a corner. He’s down to 1 nap a day and I think it’s helping him sleep better at night. He’s eating well and gaining weight. I’m sure he’s over 20 pounds but just barely. Too bad they just changed the car seat recommendations, we’ll keep him facing backwards for another 6 months. He doesn’t seem to mind because that’s all he’s ever known.


5 responses to “I’m back

  • Emily

    Hi Becky!

    I’m sorry to hear about all your hardships, and glad to hear that Pitt is is safe. I’m not sure where in Cali you are going, but if it is anywhere near the bay area I would love to see you, Pitt and your cute Emmett. Let me know if you are close by! I hope your vacation is relaxing!


  • Marie Spackman

    What a great Birthday present! I bet you guys are in NEED of a little vacation after a month like that! Have fun!

  • Ade

    Ok…so I swear you didn’t tell me about your house getting broken into!!!??? This on top of everything makes me want to cry! 😦 Hang in there…things HAVE to start looking up! Have so much fun in Cali! It’s always perfect…just don’t lock your keys in the rental car…that is VERY expensive. 😉

    LOVE YOU!!!

  • Suzie

    Hope you’re having fun in Cali–Happy Easter!

  • Claire

    Wow, I haven’t checked blogs in a while and looks like I’ve missed some things! I’m SO sorry about all you guys have gone through! That is all SO crazy! Sounds like your Cali trip is MUCH needed and deserved! I hope you have a nice time! By the way, happy birthday yesterday, I was thinking about you!

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