My Family in Japan (wish I could say that in Japanese)

Stevenson Family 2005

This may be a little bit of old news but I know family members are still following the news about the aftermath from the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. It is of special interest to us because we have family living in Tokyo right now, serving for the church. My brother, Mike, served a mission in the Sendai Mission in 2005-2007. In fact, he and my parents were in Tokyo when the disaster struck. They were going to visit his mission areas the next day, needless to say, they didn’t get to go. As Mike was watching coverage of the hard hit areas-he recognized many of the streets and towns that were destroyed. Saying, “I’ve been there.” I can’t imagine his heartache for the Japanese people he knows. My mom keeps a blog and you can read the details from their experience here.

I just wanted to add a few articles that have popped up about the LDS network and missionaries in Japan right now.

Gathering the Flock

Missionary’s Story


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