My Oscar Faves

America enjoyed a night in Hollywood last night! I had seen quite a few of the movies so that made it more interesting. But the dresses are always the highlight for me. I tried to find pictures that were a little different.

Here’s cute, cute Hailee Steinfeld. I thought she looked so pretty!

I also heard she might be playing Catniss in the Hunger Games films coming up, can’t wait!

Scarlett Johansson

Usually she’s pretty skanky-looking to me, but last night I loved her look! Head to toe!

Natalie Portman was probably my favorite.

I just love the hem-line and opening in the front showing off her ankles and Jimmy Choos.

Her hair was elegant and she was glowing.

Anne Hathaway’s cream dress in the opening was my favorite look of hers. I’m not a huge fan of The Princess Diaries nerd, but whoever did all her hair styles last night should get an Oscar too.

I thought the opening video was the co-hosts highlight. But the rest of their hosting was pretty lame. My favorite thing about James De Franco is his great smile, I think he only brought it out once or twice.  The rest of the time he looked bored or nervous or something. Anne seemed to be compensating for his lack of enthusiasm with her star-struck craziness.



One response to “My Oscar Faves

  • Brooke Pierce

    I liked that opening video too (I just barely watched it) because James De Franco smilled in it! He should have done more of that. 🙂

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