My favorites (at least for today)

These will quickly change, but as of now here’s what’s on my mind

Book of now:

Just started this and it’s very lovable

Candy of now:


TV of now:

Blogs of now:

Smart Pretty and Awkward

Fugly is the New Pretty

Food of now:

Lettuce Wraps, mmm!


Here’s Emmo going down this huge slide by himself, all 18 pounds of him! His grandma Patty and cousins (that’s Logan on the left) took him to Bounce! in Boise. He LOVED it! Not an ounce of fear on his face.



6 responses to “My favorites (at least for today)

  • Melissa Carter

    I think that was a pretty amazing book. Loved it.

    I’ve already made myself sick on those cinnamon lips three times and it’s not even Valentine’s day yet.

    the show looks cute and I love checking out blogs…

    lettuce wraps are de-lish

    And that picture of Emmet is so awesome, it makes me think I need to find a giant blow up slide, right now.

    Fun post!

  • Melissa Carter

    and now I’m off to buy more cinnamon lips…

  • Betsy

    Yeah! love the picture of Emmo down the slide. So funny!

  • Caitlyn

    I went and bought some cinnamon lips after I read your post. There almost gone, oops.
    Emmett is the greatest. No fear at all, what a champ.
    We should get the little ones together since I never see you at work anymore.

  • Caitlyn

    I meant to say Emmett’s picture is the greatest. But, Emmett is the greatest works too. And I probably should have used best, but I’m feeling greatest at the moment.

  • Molly

    Thanks for listing Smart Pretty and Awkward as your favorite website of the moment!

    Molly from SP&A

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