I wish I had his passion

Check out this blog for some awesome pictures from their latest adventure!!

One thing that I have always loved about my husband is that he has some great hobbies that he is very passionate about.  They change throughout the year from skiing, to kayaking, to climbing. When I started hanging out with him and his friends, I had to learn their language just to keep up with the conversation. It’s true! And I never really knew skiing, until I started skiing with Pitt. In the winter his head is completely wrapped up in the forecast, snow conditions and gear needed all to converge to a perfect ski adventure. In the last couple years he’s gotten into backcountry skiing-which involves way more effort than I’m willing to put in on a regular basis. Fortunately for me, he has some other crazy, passionate friends that he goes trekking with. But wave a lift ticket (and a babysitter) my direction and I’ll be there in a heartbeat!


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